Business Development & Tendering

Galfar continues to be the prime choice in Oman’s developmental process as the most sought after EPC and Construction partner. The Business Development and Tendering Unit plays a vital role in maintaining this position.

With clientele spread across almost all the Ministries and Government Departments including leading Oil Exploration and Production Companies in Oman the need to liaise and understand project specific needs is one of the major responsibilities for the Business Development Unit. The Business Development & Tendering Unit also plays the crucial role in keeping the Management informed on future projects. The Unit also has the responsibility to locate joint-venture or consortium partners in projects where such associations are necessary or advantageous.

The Tendering Unit has the responsibility to ensure that success is maintained in tenders submitted for the Company. The Tendering Unit also referred to as the Central Commercial Services Unit looks after the tender preparation and submission for all the Operating Units. With a KRA to maintain growth in the organization the CCS has a very important and crucial task. The CCS Unit uses specialized software where necessary to support the tendering efforts.

The Business Development and Tendering Unit is responsible to see that where Galfar’s strategic policies are addressed at all times. It is important that we maintain a sustainable growth while maintaining satisfaction level for all stakeholders.

Business Development and Tendering
Mr. J.K Salvi
Vice President
Tel No: 00968 2452 5005
Fax No: 00968 2452 5226