Current Projects

Off Plot Delivery Contract (ODC) - North Oman
ODC North Oman Service contract  awarded to Galfar on 2005 by Petroleum Development Oman.This project consists of Design, Procurement, Construction & Testing / Commissioning of  Flow Lines, Pipelines, Well Hook-up, Overhead Line to Wells, Beam Pump Installation and Associated Electrical / Instrumentation Installation in North Oman ( Fahud, Yibal, QarnAlam and Lekhwair).
Nimr –G & Karim West Water Flood Projects
A US $ 96 Million project awarded by Petroleum Development Oman. The project includes both on plot and off plot activities. The on plot scope includes bulk meters for new well gross flow measurement, One FWO tank, Emulsion transfer pumps, CPI separators, online sand removal and handling system for CPI separators, water disposal booster pumps, tie in with existing utilities etc.  The off plot  scope includes 21 no. of  MSV units, 16 drain concrete pits, Carioles and red eye meter installed on each MSV test line, two number of 14”  gross infield GRE buried pipeline, 24” CS-PE buried pipeline, permanent pigging facility etc.
Replacement Contract for Civil Work Services in Mukaizna
The Service Contract scope includes Supply of Pipe Sleepers, Equipment & Tank Foundations, Excavation, grading, filling & concrete works for building foundations etc. 
Early Work Civil Pack 2 in KhazzanMakkarem
General Early Civil Works (Waste management Area, Sludge Drying Area, Production Well Pads and Associated infield Roads) procurement and Construction.
Oil Field Construction Services for Safah Fields
Oil Field Construction Services for Safah Fields. This project has awarded in 2013 by Occidental 
Other Significant On-going Projects

1. Supply & fabrication of MSV skids for Petroleum Development Oman
2. Musallam - Saihrawl - Yibal - 132 kV

3. Access Road Construction and Drilling Well Site Preparation for Daleel Petroleum

4. Provision of Construction of Flowlines& Water Injections Lines Services for Daleel Petroleum
5. Design Services for 132kV Inter Tie for Khazzan Gas Project(British Petroleum)