Current Projects

Contruction of Batinah Expressway - Package 1-USD 422 Million
The Batinah Expressway project comprises the construction of an expressway class road with 2 dual 4-lane of 45 Km
Development of Salalah International Airport Project– MC 5 – USD 263 Million
Development of Salalah airports first phase scope consists of new 4KM runway ,Taxiway way and Aprons,land side roads 7 bridges,airsideroads,storm water drainage system,airfieldlighting,arealighting,securityfence,temporary fence and site access roads. The second phase consists of identifying dismantlingofairfield lighting and cables and handover, Milling of existing runway & refurbishment to new taxiways and service roads
Rasl Al Hadd Airport Development Project, Package 2, Airfield Development - USD 104 Million
Work includes 7 million cum of earth Work, 250,000 cum of aggregate base course, 130,000 mt of asphalt works and about 125,000 cum of concrete works necessary for completion of 4 km long runway, taxiway, apron, service road etc related to the airfield development. Scope of work also includes supply and installation of Airfield Electrical & Lighting works, fiber optic communication works, NAVAIDS, MET and communications equipments, field electric centre(FEC) equipment and aircraft hydrant fueling system etc
Construction of Hasik - Ash Shuwaymiyah Asphalt Road - USD 288 Million
Construction of 94 Km Single line Carriage way connecting Hasik& Ash Shuwaymiyah in the north eastern region of Governorate of Dhofar.
Dualization of Nizwa - Thumrait Road (Izz - Adam Section)- USD 132 Million
Construction of 45 Km asphalted road incl (~ 32 Km dualization of existing carriageway and 13 Km new construction).
Dualization of Taqah - Mirbat Road – USD 105 Million
The scope of work comprises of dualization of 34 Km existing single c/w starts at Madinat Al Haq R/A and ends at the proposed Mirbat R/A on the road to Sadha.
Construction of Grade Separated Junctions along Batinah Highway - Stage 3 (Part 1)- USD 59Million
Construction of 4 Nos Vehicular Underpass and 2 Nos of Pedestrian overpass along Batinah Highway near saham area
Procurement and construction of Civil Pack 3 -Asphalt Road- USD 24.23 Million
Procurement, supply, construction of 60 Km twolane single carriageway access road to Central
Processing facilities in Khazzan area.