Galfar discloses results of tenders announced by the Tender Board

The Tender Board has announced the results of award of a number of tenders, where the board awarded two tenders to Galfar, as follows:-
1. Tender No. 327/2009 on Dulaization of Nizwa –IBRI Road Project, section (2) from Jabrin to Ibri (Option 1) for a total sum of RO. 35,269,515 (Rial Omani Thirty Five Million Two Hundred Sixty Nine Thousand Five Hundred Fifteen Only).
2. Tender No. 424/2009 on construction of new six senses SPA buildings at AL Bustan Palace Hotel for a total sum of 4, 372, 056 ( Rial Omani Four Million Three Hundred Seventy Two Thousand Fifty Six Only).  
We will confirm details of tenders upon receiving the acceptance letters from the employers.