Subcontract Management

Understanding the significance of Subcontracting as a distinct and different discipline, Galfar has earmarked experienced resources to evaluate and include efficient and resourceful Subcontractors to handle many jobs that we Subcontract in our normal course of business. Subcontract activities can be specialized activities for which Galfar does not have internal expertise and resources to design, engineer and execute or also could be activities that Galfar themselves are equipped fully to execute, but have to offload from time to time due to the order book and tight schedule execution. The current volume of such offloading amounts to $ 75 Million to $ 90 Million. Prospective Subcontractors who may be interested in getting empanelled for jobs may contact the following person with their details and get their names empanelled against specific activities and areas of work. Depending on the type of activity the Subcontractor will have to demonstrate capabilities by way of previous experiences, financial standing, methodology of execution, requirement of trained and qualified personnel, skill levels of employed persons, equipment details etc. Galfar reserves the right to inspect and audit the facilities of the interested party prior to floating any enquiries to them. The performance of the Subcontractors is also linked to periodic evaluation by the Subcontracts Unit, the relevant Project concerned as well as the QHSE Unit of Galfar. Such evaluation reports will also be given as feed back to the Subcontractor as an annual basis or on a Project to Project basis. 

General Conditions of Subcontract Work & Services  


Subcontract Management New Vendor Registration please contact
Mr. Praveen Kumar
General Manager (Sub-contracts-Acting)
Tel. No : 00968 24525096
Fax No : 00968 24525093
E-mail :

Mr. Prasanth P P
Head (Vendor Management Cell)
Tel: 24525113 /24525118