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Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Hamoud Al Tobi

Galfar Engineering & Contracting SAOG is a flagship of Oman’s construction industry with a track record spanning over five decades since the 1970s. Rising with the beginning of Oman’s modern renaissance Galfar is a true partner in development and has delivered many key milestone projects across the country in infrastructure, oil and gas, energy, utilities and civil construction. Galfar’s strength stems from its vast human capital, wide resource base and sincere commitment to at most customer satisfaction. Our drive for the future focuses on value creation for the country and our stakeholders fueled by excellence in project delivery, quality, safety and innovation. In Galfar, we undertake to maintain our pioneering position as a leading engineering and contracting firm and to align with the country’s vision for diversification and growth,


and to drive rapid adaptation of 4th industrial revolution technologies to modernize what is largely considered as a traditional industry that has seen limited changes over the past decades. Galfar with its associated companies aims to create an echo system that maximizes stakeholders return and fosters excellence, in-country value and innovation.