Five decades on and GALFAR continues to be a dynamic and vibrant entity that has constantly striven to stay ahead through a combination of quality, safety, excellence, innovation and technology. And right through its journey of success, Galfar has believed in inculcating certain core principles and values in the Human Capital Resource.

Galfar is a multi-disciplinary & multi-national team. With around 15,000 work force, Galfar is one of the largest employers in the region. The workforce consists of 3,000 Omani nationals and the rest is drawn from other countries.  Galfar provides a working environment that encourages excellence. In this era of new technologies, we believe that sharing of information, finding better ways to work and supporting each other, set standards of personal and professional conduct – all the while delivering projects and services that meet and exceed the client expectations.

We are the leaders to provide maximum job opportunities to Nationals and are proudly maintaining a healthy Omanization ratio. One of the greatest achievements of Galfar is its Omanization programme. Always conscious of the goals set by His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, the Company has achieved tremendous success in training and employing Omani Nationals.

At GALFAR, Human Capital looks for lateral thinkers who can add value to the business and processes; have an excellent teamwork ethic, and are driven to take the organization and their own careers to new heights. We create this mutuality of interest, not just with salary compensation that match the best in the industry, but also with training, as the employee development leads to the accumulation of Human Capital and creation of opportunities to sharpen and upgrade the skills. Human Capital looks at acquisition, engagement and optimum utilization.  Human Capital is therefore a strategic force to experience sustained competitive advantage.

Galfar welcomes the job aspirants to join ‘Team GALFAR’.


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