Rusayl-Bidbid road expansion project opens for traffic galfar March 7, 2024

Rusayl-Bidbid road expansion project opens for traffic

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology (MTCIT) opened the Rusayl – Bidbid Road Expansion Project, which includes the addition of the third and fourth lanes, and extends from the Rusayl – Nizwa Interchange on the Muscat Expressway to the Al Sharqiya Expressway Interchange in the Wilayat of Bidbid is 27 kilometers long.

The road was designed to meet the needs of users, as service roads and pedestrian crossing paths were provided to connect the urban communities on both sides of the road, and the expansion of existing valley bridges such as the Wadi Al-Jifnain Bridge and the Wadi Fanja Bridge at the town of Al-Amqat, and the construction of two new intersections on the Ghala and Al-Sih Al-Ahmar Roads, in addition to that, widening Fanja Interchange and Bidbid Interchange and the construction of a new bridge in the Wadi Al-Dabun area. The project also included the construction of box culverts to drain rainwater and works to protect services and other facilities.

The road was equipped with the highest traffic safety standards, as lighting poles and concrete and metal barriers were installed, in addition to guidance and warning regulations. And ground paints to provide a safe environment for drivers.

This road is intended to contribute to ensuring traffic safety on the road and the smooth flow of traffic, in addition to stimulating the commercial, tourism and economic aspects with the rest of the states of the Sultanate of Oman.