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Supply Chain Management galfar January 11, 2024
It is an integral part of most businesses and is essential to company success and customer satisfaction.
Local Purchase (NRS) / Total Purchase Order value
Made In Oman / Total Purchase Order (PO) value (Excluding Plant PO)
SMEs (Goods & Services) / Total PO value

Supply Chain Management Unit plays a pivotal role in not only facilitating orders from our esteemed vendors but also ensuring a seamless vendor registration process that strengthens our partnerships and enhances our procurement efficiency.

In the dynamic landscape of construction and engineering, success hinges on a well-orchestrated supply chain. Our Supply Chain Management Unit serves as the conductor, harmonizing the procurement of vital materials and services from our valued vendors. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness throughout this crucial process.

Whether you’re a prospective vendor eager to join our network or an existing partner seeking to understand our commitment to excellence, this page is your window into our world.

Vendor Registration

Galfar Company desires registration of reliable and quality-conscious vendors who are willing to supply goods and services in the required quality, and quantity and who are willing to keep their delivery promise to facilitate their participation in applicable tenders.