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Infrastructure galfar December 16, 2023
We Constructed Over 4000 Km of Roads

The Infrastructure Unit of Galfar is focused on delivering high-quality projects in various sectors such as Roads and Bridges, Airports and Seaports, Flood protection and recharge Dams, Railways, Network Projects for Water and wastewater transmissions, Operation and Maintenance of Water transmission networks, Infrastructure works of industrial parks and refineries, and large- scale earthmoving projects. The unit has a strong track record of successfully executing both EPC and Construction projects.

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Billion ( OMR )

Galfar’s Infrastructure Unit has played a significant role in the development of Oman’s road infrastructure. With many years of experience, expertise, and innovative approaches, the unit has constructed world-class roads and bridges that have contributed to the planned development across multiple governorates of Oman. In fact, over the last three decades, Galfar’s esteemed team has constructed nearly one third of Oman’s roads.

The unit takes pride in its ability to undertake challenging projects and has built landmark roads in Oman. It is believed that, if you drive through any of the world-class roads and bridges in Oman, it is likely that Galfar’s Infrastructure Unit has built it. Notable examples include the Muscat Expressway, Batinah expressway (Pkg 1 & 3), Jebel al Akhdar Road to Saiq, Bausher-Amerat Road, and Hasik Shuwaimiyah Road

These projects demonstrate the unit’s competence in constructing cutting-edge roads, including the highest mechanically stabilized walls and longest underpass tunnels in Oman. The unit emphasizes delivering high-quality results in an efficient manner. Leveraging Galfar’s extensive fleet of heavy earthmoving equipment, the Infrastructure Unit has excelled in over ground excavation, backfill, and reclamations. It has successfully undertaken significant projects such as backfilling work for the Muscat International Airport and ground leveling for the Refinery Complex in Duqm.

The unit’s expertise extends to airport construction, having built several airports in Oman. For instance, it played a vital role in the development of Salalah International Airport, executing all airside works as a joint venture partner. Additionally, the unit has constructed airports for Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO) to facilitate all weather round the clock air operations to the oil fields. Other notable projects include the airside facilities at Ras Al Hadd Airport for the Ministry of Transport and the rehabilitation of the old Muscat International Airport.

In the marine sector, Galfar’s Infrastructure Unit has undertaken a comprehensive range of projects, including the construction of ports, commercial harbors, and fishing harbors along Oman’s coastal lines. The unit has also made significant contributions to the construction of dams and recharge structures throughout Oman. Furthermore, it has executed large-scale water transmission and distribution networks across the country.

Galfar’s Infrastructure Unit has actively participated in the construction of basic infrastructure works inspecial economic zones and industrial facilities such as refineries.

In addition to construction services, the unit provides operations and maintenance services for water transmission lines, water distribution networks, and other utility works. It plays a crucial role in maintaining approximately 75% of the existing transmission and distribution network for water authorities in Oman.

The Infrastructure Unit has played a pivotal role in Galfar’s efforts towards nationalization by establishing itself as a recognized partner in the Sultanate’s development endeavors. With a strong commitment to quality, safety, and company values, the unit’s 7,000-plus employees work tirelessly to serve the nation. The unit also attracts Nationals and employs over 1,100 specialized employees in various capacities. Its capabilities extend to designing and building unique structures, and it excels in delivering value-added services to customers through successful partnerships. With a continuous focus on achieving milestones, Galfar’s Infrastructure Unit remains the leader in the industry.