Project Services Unit

Project Services & Management is a broad field in which Galfar undertakes the partial or complete management of a project, all according to the request of the client.

Modern project management involves effective preparation, planning, analysis of risk aspects and risk management, engineering, procurement, execution, project control, contract management, completion, and commissioning. Effective project management ensures a comprehensive overview at all stages of preparation and execution and makes it more likely that individual project components and the project as a whole remain within the defined time and cost frame. Mannvit undertakes project management of a variety of projects, anything from simple development projects up to complicated engineering & construction projects.

Project Services cater to bespoke projects across Energy & Industrial, Civil, Infrastructure through;

● Engineering & Design

● Resource Planning

● Commercial Management

Plant & Equipment

The transportation industry is not the only one that keeps fleets of vehicles. In the construction industry, companies operate fleets of construction equipment, with each piece of equipment serving a special purpose. Effective fleet management in the construction industry supervises the use, maintenance, and operation of construction vehicles not to mention deployment and response time to client or project needs.

Galfar Fabrication & Workshop Facilities

Three facilities geographically placed across Oman to support clients and projects. These include Carpentry, Fabrication, Paint, and Coating.

Project Services offers complete EPCM (Engineering Procurement Construction Management) services within the wider scope of Galfar, which is an advantageous solution in complex projects where many different companies are participating or contributing services/equipment. Mannvit has participated in a number of such projects, in different industries and energy projects.

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